Reza Hesarzadeh

Reza Hesarzadeh

Associate Professor

Accounting Department

Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad

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Short CV

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Research Interests

Financial Reporting Quality, International Financial Reporting Standards, Disclosure Regulation, Philosophy of Science and Research Methods


Selected Publications

1- Hesarzadeh, Reza. (2019). "Are the Individual and Collective Roles of Financial Reporting Quality Measures the Same? Evidence in the Context of Information Uncertainty". Spanish Journal of Finance and Accounting, 48(2):160-202.

2- Hesarzadeh, Reza. Bazrafshan, Ameneh. (2019). "CEO ability and regulatory review risk". Managerial Auditing Journal, 34(5):571-601.

3- Hesarzadeh, Reza. Rajabalizadeh, Javad. (2020). "Does securities commission oversight reduce the complexity of financial reporting?". Spanish Accounting Review, 23(1):1-17.